Doro cutter D40 is a deep cutting unit with telescopic function. The generous cutting depth of 2,1 meters enables deeper cutting, closer to the bottom. The regrowth will take more time and the intervalls between cutting the vegetation can be lengthened. Doro cutter D40 has hydraulic drift and is easily mounted in the tool bracket on Truxor. The knives are available in working widths from 2,2 to 4 meters and the cutter is delivered with 4 meter as standard. A stone release system protects the knives when they encounter solid objects.

Technical specifications Doro cutter D40

Knives (4 m) included
Working width: 4 m
Weight D40 97 kg
Cutting depth:
(Hydraulic driven telescopic extension) 0,2-2,1 m
Item no: (incl. knife set 4 m) 84-03200 


Knife set
2,2 m 95-70022
3 m 95-70030
4 m 95-70040