Truxor amphibious machine
Truxor is a multifunctional amphibious machine available with a wide range of tools and accessories. The amphibious nature of the Truxor allows access to areas normally inaccessible to conventional machines. Truxor is the ideal solution for work in lakes, canals and other wetland habitats. The weight distribution system gives low ground pressure and floating capacity to the machine, offering unique opportunities for work in sensitive environments.

Truxor’s flexibility, allows it to operate on water, in the shallow margins and on dry land at the waters edge. It’s lightweight construction is perfect for working in sensitive environments such as nature reserves, conservation areas, canal banks even golf courses where conventional contractor’s machinery may cause damage. The versatility of the Truxor allows it to effectively carry out a wide range of tasks including reed cutting and collection, silt pumping, dredging, channel excavation, oil spill clean-up, and much, much more.

Truxor’s precision and flexibility give the operator full control in both narrow channels, around bridges and other water hazards. The machine turns easily on its own axis and will stop in less than half a metre from full speed forward.

Tools can be changed quickly and one person can easily operate the machine.