25 years with Truxor
2019 marks 25 years since the first Truxor machine was launched on the market. Since the start in 1994,
a lot has happened in the development of the machines. Our long experience of technology and
product development as well as our close contact with customers and retailers around the world form the
basis of the new generation of Truxor machines.
The new T-series has been updated with several new features:

– Lightweight chassis in high-tensile steel
– Lifting arm with parallel movement
– Quick bracket X4
– LED work lights
– Digital screen
– Digital technology that improves machine performance and facilitates service

The digital screen provides information from the engine and other systems. Digital troubleshooting facilitates service and maintenance. The digital screen also makes it possible to adjust some of the machine’s functions, such as drive band balance and speed, flow adjustment of hydraulic outlets, emergency operation etc.

Hydraulic system with thermostat
A modern hydraulic system increases the performance when the hydraulic oil temperature exceeds 40 degrees. To achieve optimum temperature, there is a thermostat controlling the minimum temperature. The right hydraulic oil temperature improves performance and ensures better operating economy.

The T-series presents machines with different type of engines, adapted to serve the environmental requirements and conditions on a world market.




Ergonomic operator’s environment with digital screen.

Lockable retractable storage.

Semi-automatic quick bracket X4 for fast tool replacement.

Lifting arm with parallel movement.

Easily accessible engine compartment facilitates service.

The movable driver’s cab is hydraulically adjusted and works as counterweight during heavy lifts in water.

The weight distribution system gives low ground pressure and floating capacity to the machine, offering unique opportunities for work in sensitive environments.