Truxor T30 is optimized with the latest environmental requirements and a petrol engine from Kubota. The engine offers high torque at low engine speeds. With low engine speeds, fuel consumption becomes lower. Comes with five hydraulic outlets. The powerful engine makes T30 suitable for work with all tools in our range.


PETROL Kubota WG1605-G-E3 EPA Tier2/CARB Tier 3 + EU Stage V 42,5 kW/57 hp at 3,600 rpm.

Max torque 118.0 Nm at 2400 rpm. l Engine rpm limited to 2600 based
on hydraulic pump max rpm.


COOLING SYSTEM: Combined engine/hydraulic system. The air intake of the radiator is equipped with a filter (prevents dirt in the radiator cells). Thermostat controls the hydraulic oil temperature, improving machine performance.

ELECTRIC SYSTEM: 12V/60 Amp, 45 ah battery. Automatic stop function if the engine overheats or the oil pressure is too low. Warning system for driving at maximum slope. 4 LED work lights.

RIGHT JOYSTICK: lifting, tilting, weight distribution, control of hydraulic outlet 3.
Hydraulic outlet 1 (front): Working pressure 140 bar, adjustable flow 0-20 l/min
Hydraulic outlet 2 (front): Working pressure 130 bar, adjustable flow 0-11 l/min
Hydraulic outlet 3 (front): Working pressure 200 bar. Adjustable flow 0-60 l/min
Hydraulic outlet 3 (rear): Working pressure 200 bar. Adjustable flow 0-60 l/min
Hydraulic outlet 4 (rear): Working pressure 130 bar. Adjustable flow 0-11 l/min.

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM: Hydraulic pump with variable
displacement (LS), 60 cm³/r. Hydraulic power: 22.2 hp. Hydraulic tank: 19 l, system 35 l. Cyclone technology forced ventilation. Environmentally friendly system with automatic stop of the engine if the oil level drops by more than 8 litres. (Minimises oil spills)
Hydraulic-operated valve: 9 functions. Control system: CAN bus control of all valves.

DIMENSIONS: Total length max. 5030 mm, min 4700 mm. Total width 2080 mm. Total height max 2600, min 2020 mm. Set weight T30: 1370 kg

DRIVING SPEED: 0-100 m/min

Lifting power 350 kg, X4 bracket for fast change of tools. Semi-automatic locking of tools.

DRIVERS SEAT: Ergonomically adjustable driver’s seat with thermostatically controlled electric heated seat. Folding cab. Adjustable controls.

MATERIAL: Drive band: (paddle track) of rubber. Paddles and slide rails in strong plastic. Pontoons manufactured of
saltwater-resistant aluminium. Heat galvanised steel structure.

DASHBOARD: Digital screen for speed, engine temperature, oil pressure engine, timer, fuel gauge,
hydraulic oil temperature, hydraulic pressure, hydraulic flow, emergency operation, clock etc.

ITEM NO: 94-T30

GUARANTEE: 24 months or 1000 hours of operation

LEFT JOYSTICK: Driving forward/backward/right/left. Speed is controlled by a joystick and with precision driving controls. Control for hydraulic outlet 1, hydraulic outlet 2.

OPTIONS: Hydraulic oil environmentally friendly.
Panolin replaces standard hydraulic oil.
T30 35 litre Item no: 94-T30E