T50 –  the most powerful Truxor for power-demanding tools
The Truxor T50 is the most powerful machine in the T-Series, equipped with a 58,6 hp diesel engine that meets the highest environmental class standards EU Stage V and EPA Tier 4. The powerful engine and a new hydraulic system guarantees the highest levels of performance and operational reliability for your job. Truxor T50 easily operates in demanding environments with power-demanding tools. Already at 1400 rpm, the machine has a high performance. The ability to work with the machine at low rpm reduces both fuel consumption and noise level.



MOTOR: Hatz 3H 50 TICD dieselmotor Common Rail 43,7 kW 58,6 hp, Intercooler, Can-bus system, EU Stage V and EPA Tier 4 final certified, 2,800 rpm. Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF).Max torque 203 Nm Engine rpm limited to 2600 based on hydraulic pump max rpm.


COOLING SYSTEM: Combined engine/hydraulic/intercooler
system. The air intake of the radiator is equipped with a filter (prevent dirt from entering the radiator cells ). Thermostat controls the hydraulic oil temperature, improving machine performance.

ELECTRIC SYSTEM: 12V/150 Amp, 60 ah battery. Automatic stop function if the engine overheats or the oil pressure is too low. Warning system for driving at maximum slope. 4 LED work lights. 

RIGHT JOYSTICK: Lifting, tilting, move cabin forward and rear (weight distribution), control of hydraulic outlet 3 and hydraulic outlet 4.
Hydraulic outlet 1 (front): Working pressure 140 bar.
adjustable flow 0-20 l/min
Hydraulic outlet 2 (front): Working pressure 130 bar.
adjustable flow 0-11 l/min
Hydraulic outlet 3 (front): Working pressure 200 bar.
Adjustable flow 0-60 l/min
Hydraulic outlet 3 (rear): Working pressure 200 bar.
Adjustable flow 0-60 l/min
Hydraulic outlet 4 (rear): Working pressure 130 bar.
Adjustable flow 0-11 l/min.

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM: Hydraulic pump with variable displacement (Load sensing controlled), 65 cm³/r. Hydraulic power: 26 kW/35hk.
Hydraulic tank: 19 l, system 35 l. Cyclone technology forced ventilation. Environmentally friendly system with automatic stop of the engine if the oil level drops by more than 8 litres. (Minimises oil spills)

Hydraulic valve: 9 functions.

Control system: CAN bus based electronic control units with remote assistance.    

DIMENSIONS: Total length max. 5030 mm, min 4700 mm. Total width 2080 mm. Total height max 2600, min 2020 mm. Set weight : 1470 kg

DRIVING SPEED:  0-100 m/min

FRONT LIFT:  Lifti capacity 350 kg, X4 bracket for fast change of tools. Semi-automatic locking of tools.

DRIVERS SEAT: Ergonomically adjustable driver’s seat with thermostatically controlled electric heated seat. Folding cab.  Adjustable controls. 

MATERIAL: Drive band (paddle track) of rubber. Paddles and slide rails in strong plastic. Pontoons manufactured of saltwater-resistant aluminium. Heat galvanised steel

DASHBOARD: Digital high resolution display for speed, engine temperature, oil pressure engine, timer, fuel gauge, hydraulic oil temperature, hydraulic pressure, hydraulic flow, emergency operation, on board diagnostics, clock etc. 

ITEM NO: 94-T50

WARRANTY TERMS: 24 months or 1000 hours of operation

LEFT JOYSTICK: Driving forward/backward/right/left. Speed is controlled by a joystick and with precision driving controls.
Control for hydraulic outlet 1, hydraulic outlet 2. 

OPTIONS: Hydraulic oil environmentally friendly.
Panolin replaces standard hydraulic oil.
36 litre  Item no: 94-T50E